One Mile Challenge
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Registration and participation fee

Participation fee

• During the period of 01.07-02.07.2024 the participation fee is 85 euros;
• During the period of 03.07-14.08.2024 (if there are vacancies) the participation fee is 100 euros;

Participation fee includes entry of the competitor, the competition car and one team member into the competition area.

A competitor is registered only after receiving payment. The number of participants is limited to 80. After receiving 80th payment, registration form will be closed and all previously registered, but not paid the registration fee, will be deleted from the list of participants.

Distance selection

When you select a 1/2 mile (804.5m) distance when registering, only the 1/2 mile result will be measured and you will only participate in the 1/2 mile ranking.

By selecting a distance of 1 mile (1609m) when registering, in addition to the mile, we also measure the result of half a mile and you participate in the 1-mile ranking.


• A - up to 3400 cm³ naturally aspirated and up to 2000 cm³ petrol engines with power adder* and up to 2000 cm³ diesel engines.
• B - up to 4600 cm³ naturally aspirated and up to 2700 cm³ petrol engines with power adder* and over 2000 cm³ diesel engines.
• C - over 4600 cm³ naturally aspirated engines and over 2700 cm³ petrol engines with power adder*.

* - power adder means the use of turbocharging, mechanical supercharging and/or nitrous. The displacement of an engine using power adder is multiplied by 1.7. The displacement of a rotary engine is multiplied by 1.7 and that of a rotary engine using power adder is multiplied by 3.4.

Pre-registration for the competition opens on 01.07.24.